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2016-05-18 11:19:43
10 Ways to Avoid Falling for the Wrong House

Choosing the right home for you and your loved ones entails a lot of rational thinking and weighing of options. Aside from the price, there are other factors to consider, and the tips below will help you come up with the best decision.

1. Choose from what's available or be willing to wait.

Unless your need to buy a new house can't be put on hold any longer, there is no deadline for buying one so if you feel that the available ones will not satisfy your need, you can wait for another home to come to market, expand your research or adjust your expectations.

2. Get a home, not just an investment

Make sure that the house you will be purchasing will not only provide great financial investment, but it should also be a home which is a source of happiness, entertainment, comfort and well-being.

3. Give more weight on the floor plan rather than the finishes

Choose the right size for you and the one that has all the rooms you need- dining, living, bed, bath, kitchen. The finishes can be easily modified or updated later.

4. Consider the location

Check on the community. Will you be comfortable living there? While many newer homes offer a list of amenities, they may be far from city centers. Consider as well the distance from your work and the kids' school.

5. Make sure to enjoy your year-round activities.

Can you still do in your prospective home what you enjoy doing during winter, spring, summer and fall?

6. Be willing to update

Many houses for sale appear to be affordable, but don't be deceived. It may need a lot of updating, repair and improvement.

7. Get the one that speaks to you

Once you get into it, try to feel the house - does it give you a light feeling or does it depress you? Trust your first impression on this.

8. Include furniture in your budget plan

You would want to bring in new furniture to your new home, but if money is an issue, choose a house which can accommodate even your old furniture.

9. Identify your non-negotiables.

If you can't stand traffic from a distance or crowded places such as malls near your home, tell your agent about it and classify them as your non-negotiables.

10. Buy a life, not just a mere address.

Be sure to choose the house that will suit your lifestyle and make you enjoy every minute of your stay in it.


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