Tom Fairbanks, Real Estate Professional

Thomas H. (Tom) Fairbanks has been involved in business and economic development for the last 30+ years; specializing in incubation facilitation, which is an economic lifeline of business support, resources, and services that accelerate the growth and success of startup and entrepreneurial enterprises.

Tom is a man with extensive experience in the integration of business, real estate investments and personal development. He retired from his Real Estate Appraisal career in 2006, after relocating his family to Logan, Utah in 2003, but after a great deal of coaxing he returned to Real Estate in an effort to assist others in navigating the financial storms.

He is a firm believer in the power of association, and his extensive on hands education has helped him to develop and author the concepts of SupplyLine Economics , and Collaborative Business Systems . Having witnessed firsthand the abuses of ethical violations in business Tom became an active proponent of fair play and community advocacy and his efforts lead to the formulating of the Principles of Good Business and the Committed Professional which he believes is the core foundation of healthy business and community development.

Tom is committed to lessening the burdens of government, supporting community development, providing relief of the poor and distressed or under-privileged, and promoting family, social and economic welfare through stimulation and support of home-based and small businesses.

He is also committed to the support of real-life educational opportunities and the pursuit of knowledge for personal or professional purposes and he believes Lifelong Learning , is not confined to childhood or the classroom, but that it should take place all throughout ones life.

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