Ruthie Wilson, Real Estate Professional

Ruthie Wilson was born in Logan, the 4th generation on both parents sides. She laughs when she tells you her great grandfather, grandfather, father and brothers were all carpenters, and if she had been a boy, she would have been one also. Ruthie attended USU focusing on Interior Design and Landscape Architectural. Instead of moving to the West Coast where she could have pursued a career in Interior Design, she stayed in Utah and worked in the Mortgage and Banking Business in Salt Lake City to support her family, a son and a daughter. She moved back to Logan in 1998. Ruthie has always loved the housing business from house plans to building and remodeling. She sees a house and thinks of the possibilities inside and out. Becoming a REALTOR seemed like the perfect career for her. She loves helping friends and clients achieve the "American Dream" of owning a home. You can contact Ruthie at 435 752-6597 or

(435) 512-3223 Cell
(435) 752-8222 Office
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